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Custom Photo Spotify Rotating Frame Scannable Spotify Code Floating Picture Decor Frame Gifts For Couples

SKU : CBS0P220X01
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First of all, this photo frame is carefully made of high-quality wood, with natural texture and warm color, which can add a natural and warm atmosphere to your home environment. Its design is simple yet elegant. Whether placed next to the fireplace in the living room, on the bedside table in the bedroom, or on the bookshelf in the study, it can perfectly integrate into and enhance the overall decorative style.

What is even more exciting is that this photo frame has a rotatable design. You can display your precious photos on both sides, whether they are photos of family, snapshots of friends or scenery during travel, they can be changed at any time, so that beautiful memories can be presented to you at any time.

Furthermore, we offer custom Spotify music code. All you need to do is scan the music code on the photo frame using the Spotify app on your phone, and your specific preset songs will instantly play. Imagine what a moving and profound experience it would be to appreciate those beautiful moments while also hearing the music associated with them!

This wooden picture frame is not just an object, it is a storyteller, a carrier of emotions. It can be a perfect gift to express love, friendship or gratitude, or it can be a piece of art for your personal collection.

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